Top 8 Edible Chocolate Rocks For Cake & Food Decoration

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Beach Chair / Adirondack Chair Cake Decoration Party Ideas

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Beach Chair / Adirondack Chair Cake Decoration Party Ideas
Ideas for Beach Parties 

Create Woodlands Cupcake Displays in Just Minutes

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How to Use City Backdrop to Add the Whao! factor in your Super Hero Cake

Posted by Marie on 1/1/2018 to Customer Samples
"I bought these to decorate a cake for my son's superhero birthday party. The package has two pieces that are very easy to attach to a cake (just stick them onto the frosting). I didn't have an issue with them coming off. I had a 9in round cake and the two pieces did not cover the whole edge completely but I put one on the front and one on the back. The black has a bit of glitter too which made it look nice."

The city landscape lay on cake decoration topper is an easy to use lay on paper topper. A lay-on topper allows you to simply place the cake topper directly on your frosting.This simple but amazing cake decoration is getting amazing review from our customers. It features a lighted background that creates a realistic city backdrop. The coolest feature of this lay-on cake topper is that the windows take on the color of the cake. For example, if you have a white frosting background, the windows become white or if you have a yellow background frosting, the windows become yellow. This works with most super hero cakes, including cakes that have traditional kids super hero themes. Transform you cake in minutes with this super hero lighted city lay on topper!