Top 8 Edible Chocolate Rocks For Cake & Food Decoration

Posted by Ashley on 7/8/2019

Edible Chocolate Rocks are perfect for putting finishing touches on Construction cakes, beach cakes, mermaid cakes, fishing cakes and more. Rocks can also be used as party favors in pails or bucks. Cakes that can be enhanced with chocolate rocks include sea theme cakes like fish / Shark Figure cakes, Fishing cakes, dinosaur cakes, mermaid cakes, dirt themed cakes, racing cakes and so many more.

We offer a wide range of chocolate rocks for cake and food decorations. Chocolate rocks are hard coated on the outside with milk chocolate on the inside. They make fun decorations and almost look too real that you may have a hard time convincing your guest that it is edible. I have to admit that it is fun to watch your guests bite into your edible rocks with skepticism unsure if you are telling the truth about the rocks being edible or trying to pull a prank on them. Anyway, these chocolate rock enhance the look of your cakes and other food items while adding meaning and the Whao! factor to your cake.

Use them in so many different ways to come up with construction party ideas, rock climbing party ideas, dirt themed party ideas,  monster truck party ideas, geology rock birthday party ideas, rock star party ideas (You rock!"), and so many more. Edible chocolate rocks can also be used on a wide variety of food items. Use as toppings on cookies, brownies, ice cream, cakes, cake pops and more.